Lean Management

Lean Management

Digital products and services

At kéoni consulting, we take part in new products and services design process, we choreograph features , functionalities and content across a timeline stretching from pre-purchase or public pre-utilization to crowd or to brand across various industries . We help your organization to include in out design phase common objectives such as product simplification, sustainability, and customization to tailor to the digital age

Your digital products and services differentiation

We assist you differentiate your products and service s, necessary to continually position and improve the value, features, performance, and quality of a company’s offerings. A clear differentiation of your product and service will to generate more enterprise and commercial value than others in the eyes of the customers that are waiting for a shift from a temporal to the foundational part of product design and performance in the digital age.

Your digital products and service model

We explore with you different options and work with you to get the right solution, delivering exceptional results with lasting impact on your customer. We go through all. Assumptions about what to offer, what and how to charge, or how to collect revenue. We align your profit model with the company’s overarching digital product and services strategy to sustain your business.

Your digital products and services support

We accompany your products and services enhancement with the necessary support to demonstrate the utility, the performance of your digital product innovations, and its value to the customer. We assist in showing how to tailor a product to an individual customer’s need or a bundling of products and services to create valuable connections between them 

Together we can study the feasibility, assess the advantages, the risks and choose the best means of managing it