Business continuity Plan

Business continuity Plan

Securing your Business

Recognizing that your services or products must be continuously delivered without interruption, and the need to be reactive in case of a stoppage in critical operations, we anticipate any digital potential disasters that include: Sabotage Cyber attacks and hacker activity. We help you put in place a Business Continuity Plan to ensure that critical operations continue to be available anytime. We analyze your business environment, your assets and we describe in a document how to resume your business after a disruption. We edit a clear and comprehensive plan that deals with the recovering of Information Technology (IT) assets, the services you offer to your clients and your engagement with the partner after a disastrous interruption

Your business environment

We you integrate your complete environment in the plan focusing in particular elements of threats. We consider in particular business Dependencies and interdependencies; telecommunications; alternate sites for IT backup, employee support; processes and copies of plans.

pact analysis

We identify your organization’s mandate and critical services or products. We rank the order of priority of services or products for continuous delivery or rapid recovery. We assess the minimum acceptable delivery levels and the maximum period of time the service can be down before severe damage to the organization results. We evaluate the loss of revenue in case of severe disaster if these processes and functions are not performed

Your business continuity plan readiness

We implement effectively and smoothly your business continuity plan business by having your employees and staff briefed on its contents aware of their individual responsibilities; we engage your employees with direct responsibilities trained for tasks they will be required to perform, and be aware of other teams’ functions 

Together we can study the feasibility, assess the advantages, the risks and choose the best means of managing it