Digital organisation & Governance

Digital organisation & Governance

gital organization & governance

A Digital transformation implementation within an enterprise impacts everyone in your organization. Changes need to be done right. We make sure transformational changes have a direction, governance and have adhesion of the entire company. Keoni consulting takes a disciplined approach that helps your employees accept the change; alleviate risk, and addressing any potential resistance. We focus on human motivational, capacity and performance factors that enhance the speed of the transformation and improve your organization’s digital culture and its effectiveness through improved communications, training, governance and role descriptions

Your digital organization


We ensure that your organization has the necessary capabilities and resources in term of including people and technologyƒ to integrate digital transformation. We make sure your people and teams are ready and have necessary tools to synchronize and align their digital initiatives collaborate effectively.

Your digital governance

We help implemented your company digital governance mechanisms around a right model that fits tour organization that model provides the appropriate levels of coordination and sharing for digital initiatives, in line with the company’s structure, culture, and strategic priorities.

Your digital transformation under control

We help you in place the digital organization and the right governance for your business to avoid any waste and missed opportunities. That could make your digital transformation riskier and costlier than it needs to be.