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IT service management & governance


Adopting lean IT for higher quality and productivity.

At Kéoni consulting, we help your organization drive higher quality and productivity by taking IT infrastructure, application development, maintenance work practices and moving them toward a set of consistent standards that drive higher quality and productivity. Our experts utilize Lean principles focusing on the identification and elimination of waste which consists of work that adds no value to your products or services. They bring about real change by working closely with your frontline staff and management teams to capture and sustain this Lean principles impact on your productivity.

Assess the current state.

We assess the current state of your IT service management and apply lean techniques to your process including time and motion studies, workload balancing, current performance relative to benchmarks, etc. to surface opportunities to streamline for your organization.


Target State design and Implementation

At Kéoni Consulting, we design the target state to reach that could ensure value flows smoothly and higher productivity for you business. We develop new process flows, adjust roles and responsibilities, tune organizational models and incentives, etc. to enable the target design state. We execute the lean transformation and embed a culture of continuous improvement to achieve ongoing excellence

Our approach.

At Kéoni consulting, our expert achieved your Lean IT service management change by reviewing your existing current state working for improvement within the following process areas:


  • Operations including business systems processes
  • Support and service desk
  • Software development
  • Project management
  • Control and governance
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