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Digital busines change management


Change your business

Change management in digital transformation is truly a process in itself that needs to be delicately managed. At Keoni Consulting we help you deal with the personal resistance and political pressures that your strategic change may encounter. We help you to cope with the varying lead times, pacing parameters, and make short the sequencing path the decisions tend to be made. We build around your change programme an organizational awareness, understanding, and psychological commitment needed for an effective implementation

Your people involvement

We decrease the uncertainty surrounding a change by involving your people in the process at the earlier days . We allow an interactive learning between people, the enterprise and its various impinging environments. We utilize our experience in digital change management to build the trust and empathy needed to bring people along and to engage them. We lead you people to trust our vision and to be confident in the digital journey. We walk together as a team in order to create the desired successes and benefits


A change Leader

At Keoni Consulting, we provide you with a change Leader to help your people succeed, showing where and when trouble is likely to occur, and laying out a strategy for mitigating risks and monitoring change progress. The change leader implements the initiatives as seamlessly as possible by generating a repeatable model for ensuring a continued success in future change efforts. We enable your organization to control the installation of new processes and their results.

The change methodology

At Kéoni consulting, we adopt the world class methodologies to lead your change program. We focus on results by maintaining a goal-oriented mindset. We establish clear and non negotiable goals to ensure these goals are met. We help overcome barriers to change by identifying the employees who are most affected and work to manage the risk of change. We communicate on the progress with your people with powerful messages in regular basis.

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