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Business and IT alignment


Aligning your IT to your digital Business

At Kéoni consulting our experts align your IT assets to your Digital business by optimizing the value your IT assets contribute to your business. As such, we assess whether your IT assets are fully playing the role expecting from them. We provide you with the understanding on how emerging technologies, applications and trends can or will impact your enterprise and your IT organization. We clearly expose the expectations your IT should contribute to reaching the company’s business goals and objectives. We highlight where to expend scarce resources, time and money and allow you making the necessary tradeoffs. We define the articulation of the IT, the value that should be expected from and its integration to the enterprise for the strategic horizon.

Your IT assets value

We help your organization to value how your IT applications, technologies and services contribute to your business objectives – today and in the future. We establish the credible working relationship between the IT organization and the rest of the business evidenced by reliable daily operations, responsive problem management and a predictable innovative solution delivery.


Your IT organisation alignment

At Kéoni Consulting, we provide you with the assistance to improve the relationship between your IT organisation and the business to achieve a better connection. We help you develop a strong relationship between IT teams and the business at every lifecycle phase: strategic planning, transformation and execution. We analyze the interrelationship between IT and the business lines within an organization to identify the levers for improvement, establish and implement action plans, and promote best practices across teams to ultimately monitor and record the gained results.

Our approach.

At Kéoni consulting, our expert achieved business and IT Alignment through the completion of the main steps which are listed below:

  • Determine IT Value Imperatives
  • Develop IT Vision and Mission
  • Set Conditions to Achieve a sustainable alignment
  • Scan for Potentially Enabling Technologies
  • Organization realignment with respect to skills, roles and responsibilities
  • Implementation of adapted and robust work methods
  • alignment of IT and business goals and convergence of teams Improvement of communication among teams

Alignment should be revisited periodically, at least annually, or when there is a significant course correction in corporate direction.

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