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Digital footprint evaluation


Your digital footprinting

At Kéoni consulting, we analyze the data available on your organization, the data your people leave behind when they go online, what they have said on the social media, where they have been, personal information and much more. Whereas some would say we’ve entered a new “golden digital age for connecting with clients, Digital footprinting in fact expand your organization’s vulnerabilities. nod that data can be used in behavioral targeting & economics, personalization, targeted marketing, digital reputation, social influence and social media or social graphing services and finally for hacking your organisation .

Analyzing the threats for your organization

at Kéoni Consulting, we analysze your digital footprinting and highlight the potential treats your organization and the data that could pur your business injeopardize focusing on cyber security threats. We recommend you action to be taken; Details that need to be updated, Posts or articles that require deletion, business information that completion need (t to know. The solution that fits your organization providing a holistic view of scope on the legislative requirements and on Regulatory Obligation. Our team of experts establishes the policies, the procedures and the lines of accountability necessary to meet those obligations with the overall objective of minimizing the costs and complexity associated with.


Manageing your digital footprinting

We assesses you need to do something with the findings, and check for bias (the hardest thing for a board of directors) or go with gut calls and opinion. A digital audit is continual processes by which you look at your organisation from the customer’s perspective and marry it to want you want to say. It’s also about looking at the information and being honest enough to discover what you will do about it. And if you think “everyone” has this online thing mastered, and the control of the environment as they relate to critical business processes. We ensure the integrity, the reliability and the performance of these processes. We rate the competency, the knowledge and the program management within the subject area of Audit. We make tour business realize more effective and efficient processes controls that better align with your business and your strategy.

Our approach.

We implement We’ll assess the usability and performance of your website, including areas that receive the most and the least traffic, and shed light on opportunities to optimise their performance. We will further examine all your digital channels (email, search marketing, social media) and identify which are giving you the greatest return, which are underperforming and how to best move forward.: a number of respected industry standard frameworks such as ISO 27001, COBIT. MifiD, Solvency, Basel, Sox, We ensure the coverage is provided from a number of control perspectives including technical, procedural and administrative controls. The utilization of standard frameworks provides a transparent, repeatable and measurable structure for evaluating and improving internal controls. We start by defining the scope, then Planning, identifying and assessing the adequacy of control design, and we finalize by the reporting we provide you

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