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Digital business risks and Cybersecurity

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Business continuity plan
Incident response handling
Digital footprint evaluation
Information system auditing

Why wait? Start your digital transformation now!

Keoni Consulting is your digital transformation partner. We transform traditional businesses into digital leaders.

Our Skills & Expertise

Keoni Consulting help you to improve your company’s performance through its Digital Business Transformation Expertise of digital innovations.
We assist you in building your digital business foundation
Digital innovations and trends – such as big data and analytics; cloud, e-commerce and mobile solutions; social media; and the Internet of Things and cybersecurity are changing the dynamics and the landscape of competition across industries. Your business can only fully benefit of digital transformation advantages through a clear understanding of digital technology, a visionary digital strategy, an appropriate organizational change management, and extensive capability building that Keoni Consulting Experts can bring to you.

Keoni Consulting help you:

  • Identify risk in migrating to the use of new types of digital business services.
  • Access the probability of risk happing and the financial impact(when quantifiable) if they happen
  • Reduce digital threats that are inherent to your business
  • Mitigate the risk for your digital business continuity
  • Low at possible the probability the risks happen to increase trust and resilience
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What are you waiting for? Start your digital transformation journey today!

Keoni Consulting is your digital transformation partner, we help you transform your business models, align your operational processes, select best in class technology and mitigate the risks in the digital age

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Digital & IT Transformation Programme Manager
Fabrice D.

Digital & IT Transformation Programme Manager

IT & Sécurity Engineer
Johan C.

IT & Sécurity Engineer

Digital Project Manager
Laure A.

Digital Project Manager

IT Change Manager
Atif B.

IT Change Manager

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